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This week our front-end developer visited Kharkov CSS#4 conference, it was interesting to meet community and discuss WCAG, web standards, how to enhance delivery via proper logging, and CSS tips and tricks

The Conference took place in Fabrika space, in Kharkov, Ukraine. It was a great chance to meet famous industry speakers, such as computer scientist Chris Lilley (specializing on web fonts and svg graphics) and Lea Verou.

It was also interesting to attend lectures by Anton Nemzev (regarding page load speed optimization via new methods at Node JS server side) and Nikita Dubko (lecture regarding API — CSS Houdini).

There was a great chance to discuss concepts and details with speakers and other attendees under live chat arranged on the conference. And there were also separate class rooms arranged for live discussions. It was a perfect chance to speak with industry leaders. It was great opportunity for front-end knowledge sharing that plays a key role for enhancing page perfomance on our projects we run inside our own dev center here. We stay in hope that such an event will bring better results for UI delivery in future.

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