Ukrainian software developers: reasons to hire

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Ukrainian software developers: reasons to hire

Ukraine has become an increasingly popular software development outsourcing destination, especially for the North American and Western European countries. The Ukrainian IT industry is booming, since Ukrainian software developers have delivered a plentiful of software projects for different companies worldwide. Thus they have won the reputation of highly skilled professionals around the world. According to the IT Ukraine Association, Ukrainian IT exports grew by 20% in 2018 to reach an enormous $3.6 billion. Furthemore, this figure is set to reach $4.5 billion in 2019. Today we can say confidently that Ukraine is commonly known as a software outsourcing destination and its IT industry going on showing a dramatically growing rate.

So let`s discuss general facts about Ukrainian software developers:

  • Their average age is 21-29. The youngest are the front-end developers and designers, while the oldest are the project managers and system administrators.
  • The number of women working in this sphere is growing steadily nowadays. While in 2016 the figure reached 16%, in 2017 it was 20%, in 2018 the number grew to 23% and continues to grow every day. The most popular professions for females in IT in Ukraine are HR, PR and Sales (20%), software development (23%), quality assurance (24%).
  • The cities with the largest number of IT software developers within the scope of Ukraine are: Kiev (40%), Kharkiv (15%) and Lviv  (12%).
  • Most Ukrainian IT specialists have around 5 years of professional experience (56% of the respondents in total). The most experienced are top managers and system administrators (more than 40% have 10+ years of experience).
  • The recent survey has shown that the most popular reasons for working in IT are: 1) interest in technologies (78%), 2) high salaries (61%), 3) professional growth prospects (50%), 4) flexible working hours (40%).
  • The very important fact is that the Ukrainian software developers enjoy their work and find it rather interesting and challenging.
  • The majority of IT professionals in Ukraine work in offices (80%) and only 15% of them prefer to work remotely from home or other places.
  • Many Ukrainian IT workers are considered to be workaholics as they work up to 60 hours per week.
  • As for education, 87% of female and 82% of male representatives have higher education. In addition to this, when it comes to English knowledge, I just must point out that 57% of women and 51% of men engaged into this field have the upper-intermediate level or even higher. Moreover, most of IT professionals tend to find time for self-education like reading professional literature, attending IT events or taking crash courses.

Summing up, if you are thinking about outsourcing, Ukraine can be considered to be the happy medium in terms of software quality and the costs involved, since our specialists are experts in the field of IT, who love their job and keen on constant development of their personalities.

We hope our article was useful to you. So do not hesitate while choosing Ukrainian software developers to turn your ideas into projects.
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