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About Us & What We Do

At AlterraSoft we specialize in outsourcing IT services.


Our developers are experienced in several  programming languages including HTML CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React JS, Objective-C, Swift, React Native and Flutter which allows us to develop for a variety of platforms including Web, Android, iOS and Mobile Web.

UX/UI consulting

We specialize in UX/UI design and can provide recommendations on how products should look and flow in order to drive conversions while upholding strong branding guidelines and best practices. Have your digital exterior handled with care. Our designers’ tastefulness combined with thorough audits, will make your solution effective and popular.

Technology consulting

We work closely with our customers to identify and execute the best strategies for resolving their complicated development needs. Ask our professionals about any issues and get them successfully resolved. All your technical questions will be fully answered, by our reliable team.  They can also guide you through any technical challenges you are facing now.

Startup development

Grow your startup from a raw idea to a  running project. Share your ideas with our team and we’ll add our expertise to facilitate their creation! We provide recommendations on product management and prioritization to best position your company to meet their objectives and drive success metrics in an increasingly competitive startups market.

Our Skills, Talents & Expertise on UpWork platform

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Our Team

CEO, Co-founder

Olga Fedotova

CEO, Co-founder

CFO, Co-founder

Vladislav Vishnevskiy

CFO, Co-founder

CBDO, Co-founder

Irakli Imnadze

CBDO, Co-founder

Business Analyst / Project Manager

Dmitriy Kutsenkо

Business Analyst / Project Manager

How We Do What We Do


Design prototyping takes your raw idea and turns them into sketches that are ready to go further.


We always suggest different design options for you to choose from. You choose the best design that defines the best solution for you.


TDD can be applied to your project from the beginning as well as testing after the implementation phase by phase.


Project development process follows the latest industry standards and approaches.

Our Proudly Presented Projects

You can evaluate the projects implemented by our team.

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